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What exactly is Domain Name?

Domain name is a unique identification of a website on the internet indicating to a business or individual and are easy to remember. The domain name hides the IP address that most people aren't interested in seeing or using, so it's much easier to type "" in your web browser than it is to remember and enter the IP address that the website uses.

Why you should own a Domain Name for your business?

  • Visitors and customers finds you effortlessly.
  • Increases your web presence on search engines.
  • Establish a business identity
  • Create personalised email addresses
  • Broaden your digital Marketing

Great Domains makes a great impression

  • It should be short, remarkable & catchy
  • Avoid (-), slag, numerous substitutions
  • It should be keyword rich
  • Combine two words to create an unique domain
  • It should not be copyright


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