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Sector Skill Web Solution

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The Best Part? We are glad to inform that v2Web is being working with several
of Sector Skill Councils [Life Science Sector Skill Council, Beauty and Wellness
Sector Skill Council and Heath Care Sector Skill Council] and delivered
superlative services with following up the benchmarks of N.S.D.C
[ National Skill Development Corporation] and Sector Skill India.

Below are our Standard Modules for Sector Skills –


  • Backend Management of all content in Website.


  • Twitter Integration [Live Feed]
  • Facebook Integration [Live Feed]
  • Photo Gallery
  • Newsletter Management


  • Assessors List [QP Names]
  • TOA [Training of Trainer] Calendar

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V2web PMIS is built for every team to centralize tasks,
schedule milestone deadlines accurately, and easily
track project progress towards completion.

  • Team collaboration
  • Task management
  • Schedule Management
  • Access permission
  • Task assignment and schedule
  • Daily Reporting

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Giving you a complete picture of absence and attendance for
every employee, wherever they are. Simple to use, successful,
safe and efficient employee management software that
saves considerable time and paperwork.

  • Plan Leaves in Real Time
  • Web based Leave application and approval
  • Employee Leave Records
  • Biometric Attendance
  • User definable policies

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Employee Engagement Portal

Enhancing employee involvement with easily-accessible
tool to standardize and measure leading
indicators around employee participation and
engagement in organization programs.

  • Unlimited Free Users
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Social Engagement
  • Event Management
  • Employee Monitoring

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Task management System

Tracking tasks from beginning to end, improving
communication with your association, and setting
deadlines to make sure projects get done on time.

  • Employee Approval Hierarchy
  • Task allocation
  • Task tracker
  • Task completion
  • Task Reminder
  • Easy Access of Task Reporting

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