Task management System

Task management System is a Web Based Task Management Software for your computer and clients. With the help of this Software, Management of an organization can manage assigned tasks, keep track on task completion of all employees, and create get notifications of the tasks .


  • In Task management System, you can offer your employees to update their tasks for current project they are working on.
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .
  • Updates can be edited on day to day updation wise.
  • No more fuss of lost hard copies that are hard to find when needed.
  • No. of hours spend on the particular task can also calculated via task management.

Work Flow for Task Management System

In Task management System the Mangers/team leaders will have the full control of the web based application and following are the features of the same:-

  • The Team leaders or managers will be having an permission to access all the Employees data in Task management System in a form of task updates on regular basis.
  • They are being informed via notifications of the done task .

Note:- The mentioned heads are imaginary, we will customizing as per the Customer needs too.

Work Flow for Employees

In Task management System the Mangers/Team leaders can login to their Unique Login’s given to them and can assign tasks as per the categories they decided in the task management system. The below Screen shot is an example of the Admin login generated by our Task management System

Note: - The Mentioned Fields in the screenshot can be customized too.

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